ACTION ALERT! Support Oil Spill Prevention Legislation

The Plains All American Oil Spill that occurred on May 19, 2015 spilled at least 140,000 gallons of heavy crude oil onto our coast, killing wildlife, closing popular beaches and fishing grounds, and harming our community and economy. Santa Barbara Channelkeeper has been working around the clock since day one to investigate the circumstances behind the spill, monitor its impacts on the environment, assist with the clean-up, keep the public informed, coordinate closely with government agencies and other non-profit organizations, and advocate for policy reforms to ensure that a disaster like this can’t happen again. An important part of this work is supporting state legislation to help prevent future spills, and we need YOUR help!

We are supporting a package of three bills that prevent new drilling, improve response procedures, require automatic shutoff technology, and increase safety inspections. These bills would go a long way toward protecting wildlife, the environment, our communities and the economy from oil spills – but to get them passed we need your help.

What can you do? Santa Barbara’s representatives in the California Legislature authored these bills, which have passed through both houses and are headed to the Governor’s desk.

Senate Bill 414 (Jackson) to make oil spill response faster, more effective, and more environmentally friendly.

Assembly Bill 864 (Williams)  to require all oil spill contingency plans for a pipeline in environmentally sensitive areas to include “best available technology,” including automatic shutoff to reduce oil impacts.

Senate Bill 295 (Jackson) to require annual oil pipeline inspections for all intra-state pipelines and reestablish the State Fire Marshal’s role in requiring hydrostatic pressure tests and inspecting federally regulated pipelines.

Here is some sample text for an email you can copy and paste and send to Governor Brown:

The Plains All American Oil Spill had devastating impacts on wildlife, the environment, local communities and our economy. Please sign the following bills to help prevent future oil spills from desecrating our precious coastline.

Senate Bill 414 (Jackson)

Assembly Bill 864 (Williams)

Senate Bill 295 (Jackson)

Thank you for your service and support for a clean, healthy California coast!

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