ACTION ALERT – California Bag Ban

Our Oceans Need Your Help!  Let Governor Brown know you support the statewide bag bill (Senate Bill 270) to reduce plastic pollution.

Californians use an estimated 13 billion plastic bags every year, and less than 5% are recycled.  This translates into over 100,000 tons of waste going to our landfills or ending up on our beaches, creeks and roadsides as litter. Taxpayers, local and state governments spend millions of dollars each year to clean up this unsightly litter.  The plastic bags do not biodegrade once in the environment, but photodegrade into smaller and smaller plastic pieces that wash into our creeks and eventually the ocean carrying a toxic cocktail of pollutants.

Senate Bill 270 will ban plastic bags statewide at large grocery stores in July 2015 and at pharmacies and liquor stores in 2016. Please take a moment to urge Governor Brown to sign Senate Bill 270 into law and make California the first in the nation to pass a state law banning plastic grocery bags.

Below is a sample letter you can use or copy and paste and submit to the Governor by clicking here.

Dear Governor Brown,

I respectfully urge your support and signature on Senate Bill 270 (by Senators Padilla, de Leon, and Lara) to reduce single-use plastic grocery bag pollution.

I am concerned about the environmental and economic costs associated with the use of disposable shopping bags. To date, 124 cities and counties across California have taken action to prevent plastic bag pollution by banning disposable plastic shopping bags, and have shown significant decreases in plastic bag litter. A statewide bag ban will help to reduce the cost of clean-ups for local governments and help to alleviate the environmental impacts of plastic bag pollution.

It’s time to rid our streets, waterways and oceans of plastic bag pollution once and for all and make California the first in the nation to pass a state law banning plastic grocery bags. I urge you to sign this into law.


Your Name
Your City

Thank you for your time and activism! And remember to bring your reusable bags for all your shopping needs!