Oil Spill Volunteer Information

Channelkeeper has received a tremendous outpouring of support and offers to help from the community.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Office of Spill Prevention and Response is responding to the oil spill, and is now accepting volunteer registration forms. Officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response are looking for volunteers with a range of skills, including animal training, data entry, logistics and construction. To register as a volunteer, please visit: https://calspillwatch.dfg.ca.gov/Spill-Archive/Santa-Barbara-County-Spill

Report Oiled Wildlife
CDFW is working with the UC Davis, Oiled Wildlife Care Network’s staff and pre-trained volunteers, and the CDFW’s Natural Resource volunteers for oiled animal recovery and transport. The public can best assist by reporting oiled wildlife by calling 877-823-6926.  Please do not try to rescue any animals on your own.  Often times this can do more harm than good to the animal despite the best of intentions.

Special Hazmat Skills
Channelkeeper is in contact with agencies coordinating the clean-up efforts and is compiling a list of volunteers with special skills and training (hazardous materials, oiled animal care, etc.) and will be sharing it with the proper agencies.  If you have some of these certifications, please email us with your name, the certifications/training and your phone number and we will share this info with the agencies.

Take Photos on Impacted and Non-impacted Beaches from SB-Gaviota
Channelkeeper is also collecting observations and information about the extent of the spill along our coastline.  This includes photos of beaches that are impacted by oil washing up from the spill as well as beaches that have not yet been impacted.  Particularly, landscape photos of the beach to show the extent of oil accumulation are helpful.   Please send SBCK 1-2 photos along with information about the location, time and other relevant observations to ben@sbck.org.  SBCK will be compiling all this data and sharing it with the agencies to help inform cleanup efforts.

Channelkeeper will continue to be out in the field, on the water and in the air monitoring the spill and cleanup efforts and providing updates.