Naples MPA

Naples State Marine Conservation Area

P6080032This small MPA has been designed to provide protection for a highly productive, unique offshore rocky reef with exceptional substrate diversity, intertidal areas, surfgrass, kelp forest, and a harbor seal haulout. This is a well-known and iconic area used by divers, surfers and kayakers and includes a long-term scientific research and monitoring sites for PISCO and LTER. SCUBA diving here features arches, pinnacles and ledges filled with colorful anemones, nudibranchs and cowries, along with reef fish like kelp bass, sheephead and even the occasional white sea bass or yellowtail.

Recreational Opportunities


P6080023Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Surf, and Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

  • Aquasports: Private kayaking charters from Haskell’s Beach to Naples.


    • The walk from the Bacara Resort to Naples will reveal gently sloping coastal bluffs that are postcard-perfect.  A National Park Service study found views in this area to be nationally significant and worthy of establishing a National Seashore. Tidepooling at low tide will offer a glimpse of the incredible diversity that is found within this MPA.



Public Access

Public access can be reached along the beach by parking in the Public Access lot next to the Bacara Resort off of Winchester Canyon Dr. At low tide you can walk north from Haskell’s. Make sure to watch the tide and wear sturdy shoes as you may need to walk over rocks as the tide comes. Do not get trapped with the rising tide! Total round trip distance is about 2 miles.



­ Take of all living marine resources is prohibited except:

  • The recreational take of pelagic finfish, including Pacific bonito, and white seabass by spearfishing is allowed.
  • The commercial take of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) by hand harvest is allowed, or by mechanical harvest is allowed only under the following condition:
  1. Duplicate landing records must be kept on board the harvest vessel in accordance with the requirements of Section 165.
  2. Take pursuant to operation and maintenance of artificial structures inside the conservation area is allowed pursuant to any required federal, state and local permits, or as otherwise authorized by the department.

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