Seafari Educational Tours

In 2014 Channelkeeper launched a new Seafari Educational Tours program, which offers on-the-water marine environmental educational tours on our boat, the RV Channelkeeper. Groups of 4-6 passengers come aboard for a free, 1-2 hour cruise along the Santa Barbara coast, where they learn about MPAs, marine conservation and the incredible biodiversity of the Santa Barbara Channel, and get a unique “live” tour of the wonders below the surface though our use of an underwater drop camera connected to a monitor onboard. Our target audience for these tours is underserved youth groups and families who lack the means or opportunity to get out on the water, and we’re working with community groups, churches, schools and after-school programs to help spread the word to this audience and get people to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Have a group in mind for one of our trips? Contact Penny Owens at