Report Oil Spills and Oiled Wildlife

To report a potential oil spill please contact The National Response Hotline at 1-800-424-8802. After your call to this official hotline, please contact us at or (805) 563-3377.


When reporting, be prepared to provide the following basic information:

  • Name and telephone number of caller
  • Location of the spill
  • Substance spilled such as oil, gas, diesel, etc.
  • Estimated size of the spill
  • Waterway or storm drain impacted
  • Date and time of the spill
  • If oiled or threatened wildlife are present
  • Information or observations on the potential source or cause of the spill
  • Any suspicious activity observed at the spill site


To report oiled or sick wildlife during a spill, please contact the Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) at (877) UCD-OWCN.



To report inured or sick wildlife that is not oiled please contact the Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute (CIMWI) at (805) 567-1505 for any marine mammals (seals, sea lions, dolphins, otters, etc.) or the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network (SBWCN) at (805) 681-1080 for all other animals.