Carpinteria Valley

Carp Map 2014Building upon the success of our Ventura River and Goleta Valley Stream Team programs and the need for a robust water quality dataset, Channelkeeper launched the Carpinteria Stream Team program in 2010. Carpinteria Stream Team is a partnership with CATE School, whose students conduct the monthly monitoring. As of November 2013 we have had over 60 volunteers contribute over 400 hours for our Carpinteria Stream Team. You can view data, pictures, and site descriptions for our Carpinteria Stream Team sites through our “Explore and Download our Data” page here.

Each month, Stream Team volunteers test water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH, and temperature) using portable meters at sites in the Carpinteria watershed. We also collect water samples at each site to monitor two indicator bacteria using approved standard methodology (Colilert-18, manufactured by Idexx Laboratories; US-EPA). Additional samples are analyzed for nutrients (ammonium, nitrite plus nitrate, orthophosphate, total dissolved nitrogen and particulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) through cooperation with the Santa Barbara Channel – Long Term Ecological Research Project (SBC-LTER) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Visual observations of trash, aquatic life, and site conditions are also recorded monthly at each site. Upstream and downstream photos are also taken at each site to catalog changes over time. To ensure quality control, we check and calibrate all meters prior to every sampling event and follow a State approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).

Some of Carpinteria Stream Team’s successes include:

  • Beginning to establish a comprehensive baseline ambient water quality dataset for this watershed.