Stream Team Data Reports

The data and observations from our Stream Team programs, when put all together, present a wealth of information about the health of our watersheds. Data reports for certain years are available below as a downloadable Adobe Acrobat file. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Ventura River Watershed                                                              Goleta Slough Watershed

Data Report 2013-2014  (2.51 MB)                                     Data Report 2013-2014 (1.87 MB)

Data Report 2005-2006   (850 KB)                                             Data Report 2005-2006  (1.2 MB)

Data Report 2001-2005  (7.5 MB)                                               Data Report 2002-2005 (4.9 MB)

Additional Reports, Presentations & Documents

*Unless stated otherwise, reports available through the following links are not official Channelkeeper reports. These links provide access to a wealth of information on the Ventura River and Goleta Valley Watersheds but not all documents have been reviewed or approved by our organization.

Ventura River Watershed Council – The Ventura River Watershed Council website hosts a wealth of information on the Ventura River including, basic information on the watershed, the Ventura River Watershed Plan, maps, photos, rainfall and stream flow data, current events, meeting information, and other documents and presentations related to the watershed.

Leydecker Archives – (Coming Soon)