Save Water, Drink Beer! Free Public Event with Rain Barrel Demo

wine barrel rain barrelIn the current drought, everyone is doing their part to conserve water, and Channelkeeper and FigMtnBrew are teaming up to provide a cool tool to help people do just that. FigMtnBrew has generously donated several oak barrels used in the beer-making process to Channelkeeper, and Channelkeeper has purchased simple conversion kits, which we will distribute and demonstrate how to install at a free public event this Sunday, February 8 from 11am-12 noon at FigMtnBrew’s Santa Barbara location in the Funk Zone (137 Anacapa St.). While all barrels donated by FigMtnBrew this time around are already reserved (Channelkeeper is selling them for $100), the two groups plan to continue this partnership and distribute more barrels to interested citizens when FigMtnBrew has more used barrels to donate later this year. Regardless, anyone who wants to learn how to convert any kind of barrel into a rain barrel is welcome to attend the event. Please join us, and stay to enjoy a few beers after the event – FigMtnBrew will also donate a percentage of sales of their Paradise Road Pilsner sold on the day of the event to Channelkeeper!