Vote the Environment

Plastic bags are a blight on our beaches, creeks and oceans, and can have devastating effects on marine life.  (Click here to learn more about the plastic bag problem.)  Channelkeeper is leading the charge on the South Coast to stem the tide of plastic bags to our ocean and landfills. We’re employing a complementary mix of advocacy, outreach and education to compel local municipalities, businesses and citizens to reduce the use of disposable plastic (and paper) shopping bags and to instigate a shift to reusable bags.

While 151 municipalities in California have already adopted local plastic bag bans, Californians still use approximately 13 billion plastic bags per year.  We have seen that these bag ban laws work to reduce plastic bag waste and litter.  This coming November, please vote NO on 65 and YES on 67 to help keep California’s ocean, rivers, and parks plastic bag-free!  Check out Yes on 67 to learn more.