Channelkeeper Calls for Action to Protect Public Health from Fracking Contamination

On Friday Santa Barbara Channelkeeper petitioned two government agencies – the Ventura County Environmental Health Division (VCHD) and the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) – to take action to protect public health and the environment from contamination emanating from oil fields along the north coast of Ventura County. Citing a recent scientific study by Blue Tomorrow and Dr. Arturo Keller of UCSB, Channelkeeper highlights findings that indicate fracking and enhanced recovery activities by nearby oil producers may be contaminating coastal streams and beaches.

Channelkeeper has asked these agencies to heed the study’s recommendations by installing signage to warn the public to stay out of the water where the contaminated creeks flow to the beach. Channelkeeper also called for a moratorium on further fracking and injection activities in the area until the appropriate government agencies can conduct tracer tests to verify that operations aren’t polluting the water.

Check out Blue Tomorrow’s full report and executive summary here.