Waterkeeper Swim Guide App

In June 2012, Waterkeeper Alliance, in partnership with Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and other local Waterkeepers, launched the California Swim Guide app for smart phones, which helps surfers, swimmers and beach-goers find current information about water quality at nearly 300 beaches across California.

Since swimming in polluted water can make people sick, Channelkeeper believes the public has a right to know the quality of water at their beaches, and we work hard to make sure this information is readily available. The Swim Guide is a free, user-friendly tool that helps people find a beach where they can swim, surf and play safely without risking their health. It utilizes real-time water quality monitoring data from government authorities to report the quality of the water at California beaches, and is updated as frequently as the data is gathered. The Swim Guide also helps users get directions to nearby beaches, view photos, learn what beaches are good for children and recreation, and share their beach adventures with friends on social networks. It can also be used to report pollution immediately to the nearest local Waterkeeper. In July, the Swim Guide was expanded to several other parts of the country and now covers more than 2,200 beaches in the US and Canada. Download the Swim Guide app today at www.theswimguide.org and stay in-the-know about beach water quality wherever you are!