Restoring Flows in the River

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The Ventura River is a critical watershed and resource that has supported both people and the environment for hundreds of years. It is a waterway that has provided for our community for generations and has sustained life.

But it is being pumped dry. The river is dying.

Protecting the Ventura River isn’t a question of choosing people over wildlife. That’s a false choice.  There is enough water to satisfy the needs of people AND leave enough water in the river to sustain nature. If managed sustainably, Ventura’s water resources can meet the needs of both people AND the environment. Truly sustainable water management would strike a balance between the amount of water pumped from the Ventura River to meet demand with leaving enough water in the river to sustain nature, fish and recreation. But the needs of the river currently aren’t even part of the equation.

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is doing its part to protect the river by using legal action to compel the State Water Board to scientifically analyze the City of Ventura’s use of the river, something it has not done in more than 100 years. The State Water Board must take steps necessary to protect the needs of people AND the environment.

Read on and explore the following videos to learn more about Channelkeeper’s efforts to protect the Ventura River from over-pumping, and sign our petition to show your support.

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ResurrectTheRiver FAQ 1 – How realistic is the City of Ventura’s water claim in the Ventura River?

ResurrectTheRiver FAQ 2 – How does the City of Ventura’s pumping impact the Ventura River?

ResurrectTheRiver FAQ 3 Why is the City of Ventura’s Pumping Critical

ResurrectTheRiver FAQ 4 Is the City of Ventura’s Pumping Bad for Endangered Species?


What Is Our Lawsuit About?


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Lawsuit Fact Sheet                      What is Channelkeeper’s role in this lawsuit?


What You Can Do to Help Resurrect the RiverWaterDrop2


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