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Use this page to download our data by watershed or explore our data through a variety of graphs. To view our data, scroll down this page to the “Explore our Data” section. You can search by site code, creek or stream, or use the interactive map to locate sites. These links will open a new tab where you can explore the water quality data for sites and compare site conditions to state standards. If you have any questions about our data please contact Science & Policy Associate, Molly Troup (


Data updated through June 2018

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Supplemental Documents

Master Site List

Meta Data – (For more detailed information please see our “Methods and Parameters” page)

Map of Ventura Sites          Map of Goleta Sites          Map of Carpinteria Sites


Explore Our Data


*Please Note: For users operating Firefox, bacteria data may not graph correctly. If this occurs, opening the graphs with a different browser should correct the error.*

Option 1:

Already know the site code for the location you are looking for? Use our site code list to access pictures, information, and view data for a specific site. Or, want to view sites that are on a specific creek or stream? Use our search by creek or stream page to locate sites along specific waterways.

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*Use the maps linked above to identify site codes

Ventura-summary-2  Goleta-summary-2  Carpinteria-summary-2

Option 2:

To view pictures and information for a specific site, locate the site on the interactive map below.  The icons on the map indicate the sampling frequency for each SBCK Stream Team site:

  • GreenDot2 Monthly, sampled year round
  •   Seasonally sampled
  •   Historic, sampling discontinued
  • View data for an entire watershed

For more information on that site, including comparisons to water quality standards and graphs of water quality parameters over time, click the “view” link within the pop-up box. This will open a new page with the water quality information for your selected site.