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Let Goleta City Council know you support an ordinance to mandate reductions in the use of single-use shopping bags. Send your message using the sample text below, or please feel free to edit or add your personal thoughts.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

City of Goleta Mayor and Councilmembers
130 Cremona Drive, Suite B
Goleta, California 93117

Emails: eeaston@cityofgoleta.org; raceves@cityofgoleta.org; mbennett@cityofgoleta.org mconnell@cityofgoleta.org; pperotte@cityofgoleta.org

RE: Request for City of Goleta to adopt a Single-Use Bag Ordinance

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers:

I am concerned about the environmental and economic costs associated with the use of disposable shopping bags. Cities and counties across California and the nation are taking action to prevent plastic bag pollution by banning disposable plastic shopping bags, and I believe the time has come for Goleta to join the growing effort to address this costly environmental problem. I strongly support and urge you to enact a plastic bag ordinance in Goleta as soon as possible.


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Thank you for your time and activism! And remember to bring your reusable bags for all your shopping needs!