Dive Naples and Campus Point MPAs!



August 26th – 7am-4pm

$70 per person (includes meals and air fills)

Join Truth Aquatics and Santa Barbara Channelkeeper to celebrate World Oceans Day on a special limited-time discounted trip to the Naples State Marine Conservation Area (SMCA) and Campus Point SMCA.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of this stunning stretch of coastline as we cruise up from the Santa Barbara Harbor and anchor at Naples Reef. This small offshore pinnacle reef provides impressively complex habitat and has some of the most diverse and productive sea life in all of Southern California. Our second dive will be at Campus Point SMCA just off of Coal Oil Point Reserve. The site offers an incredible example of the benefits of MPA protection, with bountiful lobsters and magnificent schools of fish in a thriving kelp forest ecosystem. Dive in and experience the diversity of marine life that makes these MPAs so unique. We also hope to encounter dolphins, seals, sea lions, birds, and maybe even whales!

This trip is sponsored by Santa Barbara Channelkeeper who is working to promote local businesses that provide opportunities to visit and learn about Santa Barbara’s coastal MPAs. Check out Channelkeeper’s Naples Reef and Campus Point Dive Portals (including dive maps and video) by visiting www.sbck.org/mpa.

To reserve your spot call Truth Aquatics at 805-962-1127 or reserve online. Dive gear and snorkeling rentals are available at your own expense.