Channelkeeper and EDC Settle Lawsuit against Ojai Quarry

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) have entered into an agreement with the owner of the Ojai Quarry to settle the lawsuit we filed last year alleging that stormwater management practices at the Quarry were violating requirements of the federal Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act, resulting in polluted runoff that threatened water quality as well as the ability of steelhead to migrate upstream as a necessary part of their life cycle.

Channelkeeper and EDC filed their case after stormwater sampling by Channelkeeper and the Quarry showed high levels of pollutants – in particular sediment – being discharged from the facility into North Fork Matilija Creek. A pristine tributary of the Ventura River, this creek contains some of the last remaining spawning habitat for the endangered steelhead trout in southern California, and also serves as a primary source of drinking water for residents of Ojai and Ventura.

Under the agreement, the Quarry has committed to implement a host of best management practices to reduce erosion and runoff and prevent blockages to migration of steelhead from the facility, which will reduce pollution and benefit water quality and fish habitat in North Fork Matilija Creek and the Ventura River. In addition, the Quarry has agreed to donate $60,000 of rock product to South Coast Habitat Restoration for steelhead passage projects in three local creeks.

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